Gwinnett County Black Chamber of Commerce - Feature

Gwinnett County Black Chamber of Commerce

The holiday season 2019 is here, so let’s get busy promoting and buying from black-owned businesses throughout Gwinnett County, Georgia. We are kicking off the season by joining the Shop Black Week initiative happening across the United States November 22-29, 2019.

About Gwinnett County Black Chamber of Commerce!

There are a very few Black-owned businesses in Gwinnett County, Georgia, the most diverse county in Georgia and Southeast USA. Blacks are the majority-minority of Gwinnett County, Georgia and we believe business ownership in the county should reflect the demographics of the area.

So the mission of the Gwinnett Black Chamber of Commerce is simple. We have organized to assist Black-owned businesses develop and execute strategies to establish and maintain successful entities in Gwinnett County. We create Black businesses that thrive for years in Gwinnett County creating generational legacies and wealth.

Become a member of the Gwinnett County Black Chamber of Commerce today. Through collaborative advertising and marketing, we are building a sustainable foundation to build a prosperous support system for Black businesses in Gwinnett County. Join today.

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