Gwinnett County Black Chamber of Commerce (GCBCC) monthly meeting is open to the public and we invite you to join us.

• GCBCC Networking – Connecting Black Entrerpreneurs – 5:00-6:00p

• Business Meeting and Discussion: 6:00-6:30p
Why do many Black entrepreneurs have such a big challenge in establishing and growing their businesses in Gwinnett County? How can GCBCC and our commumity be the support to jump over these challenges in Gwinnett County?

• 2020 Business Strategy for Entrepreneurs – Session One – 6:30-6:45p
“How to Use Free Social Media Tools to Grow Your Business” presented by Camrose Creative Services.

• 2020 Business Strategy for Entrepreneurs – Session Two – 6:45-7:00p
Positioning Your Business to Get Gwinnett County, Georgia State and Federal contracts

• GCBCC Networking – Connecting Black Entrerpreneurs – 7:00-7:30p

Become a GCBCC Founding Member today! www.blackchambergwinnett.comFor more information, contact Renee Moses at 404.590.4716.